Adequate Information Management in Europe (AIM)


The AIM project has provided during its three years operative period research results to various target groups: researchers, lecturers, media practitioners, members of EU institutions and organisations, PR professionals, civil society and the general public. Various outcomes  were designed to meet the criterion of an added European value and can be summed up as follows:

Firsthand insight into the reality of daily news production and its management on a European and comparative scale;
Insight into differences and coherences of different national professional cultures of news journalism within Europe;
Analyses of the daily linkage between news media and questions of European identity on pertaining levels of politics;
Empirical groundwork concerning questions of (a) European public sphere(s) and its/their establishment through understanding processes of its/their constitution;
Practical guidelines for journalists, training institutions and professional organisations regarding the field of EU journalism(s);
Strategic insight into information policy aspects and consultancy to EU institutions and agencies;
Mapping of centres of excellence in the field of European public sphere(s).

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