Sixth EU Framework
Programme - Priority 7

AIM-Working Papers, 2007/2

AIM Research Consortium (ed.): Comparing the Logic of EU Reporting in Mass Media across Europe. Transnational analysis of EU media coverage and of interviews in editorial offices in Europe.

How do media in European countries manage and produce EU coverage? The two reports in this volume offer a comparative and analytical discussion of EU coverage and EU news management processes in ten European countries (Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Norway, and the United Kingdom). They provide first insights into possible connections between the way media report about the EU and the way newsrooms and journalistic working procedures are structured and organised in different journalistic cultures.

The reports are based on the results of a field study conducted as part of the Adequate Information Management in Europe (AIM) research project. The field study included a quantitative analysis of media output and a qualitative analysis of interviews with newsroom journalists in ten participating countries:

- A news agenda analysis (NAA) formed the starting point to gain empirical insights into the coverage of EU topics in European media. The period of analysis ran from 7 to 28 March 2005 and included a phase of daily routine reporting with no special occurrences on the EU agenda as well as the European Council meeting in Brussels from 22 to 23 March 2005.

- To examine how journalists perceive newsroom working procedures and routines and which practical conditions determine whether an EU topic is set on the news agenda or not, qualitative semi-structured in-depth interviews with 148 journalists were conducted.

The two reports in this volume provide a comparative and analytical view on the results: The first chapter by Karin Raeymaeckers and Peter Golding provides a set of quantitative and qualitative data describing EU issues on national news agendas in comparison. The second chapter by Heikki Heikkilä and Risto Kunelius re-reads the ten national interview reports from a transnational perspective.

The working paper costs 12 EUR and can be ordered in all bookshops or directly at the projekt verlag.