Adequate Information Management in Europe (AIM)

AIM Project Overview - A to Z: Work in practise

During the duration of the project, the total AIM consortium met in person for four workshops (closed to the AIM participants) and two conferences (partly open to the public). Also, several sub-working groups were formed that also met in person on several occasions. Decisions within the consortium were taken with majority vote. In the case of any difficulties, an ombuds-commission consisting of three senior project partners was supposed to meet; this, however, has turned out to have never been necessary. The work of the consortium was steered by the coordinating team of the Erich Brost Institute in Dortmund and guided along eleven deliverable material steps (see research design) and 25 work packages (with different leading institutes). The project, in the long end showed that trans-national research in Europe within the social sciences constitutes a great challenge. There are not many places in the world were this type of scientific work in a trans-cultural and international environment is carried through within a routine type of research environment. The gains for all participating researchers and institutes are formidable: perspectives, methodologies and theories are put to a new and rigorous test. Established working traditions and university practices have to be debated in full. This project, again, has shown that coordination of this new type of research in Europe requires strong managerial and disciplined remits.

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