Sixth EU Framework
Programme - Priority 7


Founded in March 1991 the Erich-Brost-Institute (ebi) for Journalism in Europe is a scientific and non-profit institute. It hosts the first Centre of Advanced Study in International Journalism in Germany. It was initiated through a private charity fund by the family of Erich Brost (1903 - 1995), founder and former publisher of today's largest regional newspaper in Germany. The ebi is a cooperation partner of the Institute of Journalism of Dortmund University - one of the leading German academic training institutions. The ebi's programme consists of four major fields:

International Journalism
This is the platform for cooperation with the Institute of Journalism of Dortmund. Courses which are intensively linked to on-going research focus e.g. on Media and Journalism in Europe, European Public Sphere, European Integration and Multilingualism in Online Journalism.
International Networking
This means international network projects in research, teaching and further training particularly in cooperation with European research and training institutions.
International Qualification
International qualification programmes concern individuals as well as groups of researchers, young scholars, editors and journalists in multinational contexts.
International Competence
Problems of journalism are particularly visible in international dimensions because of growing complexity and in-transparency. Therefore, fields of public interest as e.g. war reporting or media innovation are topics of journalistic competence programmes.
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