Sixth EU Framework
Programme - Priority 7


The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication holds the position of being the oldest and biggest institution for training journalists and doing research on communication in Finland. The institute was originally founded in 1925 as a part of the newly established Civic College in Helsinki. In 1960 the College was transferred to Tampere and it assumed the status of a university.

At present the department accommodates six full-time professors, staff of twenty full-time lecturers and about twenty researchers. The department provides, on the one hand, practical education for journalists working for different media (radio, television, newspapers and the new media). On the other hand, the curriculum aims at developing students' abilities to reflect and evaluate journalism and the media from a theoretical and critical perspective. 

The research conducted in the department comprises the following fields: theory of communication, media structure and policy, media ethics and regulation, media criticism and monitoring, citizenship and civic participation, visual journalism, broadcasting journalism, online journalism, gender studies etc.