Sixth EU Framework
Programme - Priority 7

2nd AIM workshop in Kaunas: National field studies

The AIM consortium has met for its second workshop in Kaunas, Lithuania, from April 7-10, 2005. The centre of discussion revolved around the first field study. The researchers want to find out how and why EU-topics are put on the national news agenda or not. With the help of a news agenda analysis of three newspapers, two TV-news casts and a news agency in each respective national framework, the researchers aim to determine how many and which topics are set on the agenda. In a second research phase with interviews and observations in news rooms they will try to answer the question which work routines and structures constitute the EU-coverage. The consortium formed working groups on methods, which will meet and discuss further the data collection and analysis.

In addition, the researchers presented the different newsroom management structures for the leading media in their country, which vary among the different journalism cultures. A big thank you has to go to the Lithuanian Team for its warm hospitality, which made the trip to Kaunas a pleasure to all participants.