Adequate Information Management in Europe (AIM)

AIM Project Overview - A to Z: Application

The application for this project was prepared in early 2003 and was based on initial research within the area of European journalism and analytical work concerning questions of (a) European public sphere(s) dating from the second half of the 1990s. It was attached to the founding of a Centre for Advanced Study in International Journalism (CAS) sponsored by the non-profit private Erich Brost Institute for Journalism in Europe (EBI) at Dortmund. This initiative by Gerd G. Kopper, director of the EBI, included an Erich Brost Endowment Professorship in International Journalism concentrating on Europe. The AIM project team was built, also, on high ranking European researchers in the social sciences that had been, formerly, invited to this professorship at Dortmund (Aukse Balcytiene, Els de Bens, Mihai Coman, Paolo Mancini) and to its activities (Peter Golding, Paul McNamara, Erik Neveu). Furthermore, the European networks underlying the CAS and its programme relied directly and indirectly on a widespread symphony of common European research, workshops, studies, and conferences. The AIM net, thus, drew on these resources and its personnel (Sigurd Allern, Risto Kunelius, Marju Lauristin). To be mentioned, especially, are: Changing Europe - Changing Media (esf - co-directed by Peter Golding); Cost A 20 (directed by Colin Sparks; one member: Farrel Corcoran representing Ireland in the AIM team); ENTIRE (an activity of the CAS).

The description of this background is essential for outsiders because the "European Research Area" (ERA) of which AIM is one part, does not appear, and will not develop from scratch, but over long intervals of mutual and beneficial work relations.

The AIM project would not have come to its final and common results without this long standing cooperative background.

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