Sixth EU Framework
Programme - Priority 7

Els de Bens PhD

is professor at the Department of Communication Sciences at Ghent University. Her main teaching and research activities are situated in the field of media economy, media policy, journalism studies and ICT. She is an active member of several international networks, including the Euromedia Research group and the ESF Changing Media, Changing Europe Programme. Els De Bens is visiting professor at the universities of Berkeley (US), Nurnberg, Lille, Stellenbosch (South Africa), Dortmund and Moscow. Furthermore, she is co-editor of the European Journal of Communication and promotor, co-promotor or contractor of four international and two national research projects. She is also member of several evaluation commissions (teaching and research) in Portugal, Switzerland and Netherlands. She is Chairman of the Flemish Media Council. Her scientific publications include eight books, 29 chapters in international books, 14 refereed articles in international reviews and 35 articles in national and international journals.

Karin Raeymaeckers PhD

is PhD lecturer at the Department of Communication Sciences at Ghent University. She promoted in 2001 with a dissertation on declining newspaper readership among young people. In this dissertation she examined the possibilities for the traditional newspaper market to attract young readers with shifts in content and layout characteristics and with specific socialisation programs in education. Karin Raeymaeckers lectures on the analysis of European print media markets in a comparative setting and has a broad interest in the domain of print media and journalism. She published on this subject in several scientific communication journals. Her actual research activities focus on content analysis of news features for EU topics as well as for U.S. topics in Flemish newspapers. Another line of research is established for the analysis of the efficiency of NIE-projects in Belgium.

Steve Paulussen PhD

is PhD research assistant at the Department of Communication Sciences and member of the research group Media and ICT (MICT) at Ghent University. His research interests include Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR), online media production and the journalistic profession. In 2004, he received his PhD for his dissertation on the opportunities and implications of the internet for journalistic news gathering and news production (supervisor: Prof. Dr. Els De Bens). He is an active member of the Newspaper Working Group COST Action A20 "The Impact of the Internet on the Mass Media in Europe" (2001-2006). Besides articles in national journals, Paulussen has published in the European Journal of Communication, Journalism Studies and the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication.