Adequate Information Management in Europe (AIM)

AIM Project Overview - A to Z: Dissemination Activities

The AIM project has put an outstanding emphasis on its dissemination activities. The targeted audiences in the frame of the project's dissemination were:

the general public,
the political community,
the professional community, and
the academic community.


Besides regular dissemination to the media (press releases etc.), the following dissemination activities have been pursued:

participation in round table discussions in radio shows and on TV,
a number of newspaper articles published as guest contributions,
presentations and discussions of the AIM project results together with the Representations of the European Commission, with members of the European Parliament, and different NGOs,
integration of the AIM results into journalism education at several universities (e.g. several diploma and masters theses have been written in the framework of the AIM project, several seminars about EU coverage integrating the results of the AIM project were taught, etc.),
participation of researchers of the AIM consortium at several international and national academic conferences (e.g. ICA 2006, IAMCR 2007 etc.),
dissemination of the AIM project's publications to research and educational institutions as well as libraries across Europe.

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