Adequate Information Management in Europe (AIM)

Panel discussion in Tallinn

Marju Lauristin (M.) presented main AIM-issues to Margot Wallström.

On January 12, professor Marju Lauristin from the Estonian AIM-team participated in a panel discussion with the EU-Commissioner for institutional relations and communication strategies, Margot Wallström, devoted to the opening of the EU-house in the centre of Tallinn.

In her opening speech Marju Lauristin presented the main AIM-issues and conclusions about the EU communication strategy to Margot Wallström. The Commissioner was very interested in the project and brought forward her ideas of how the EU should attract the people's interest.

About 100 interested people participated in the discussion, among them also the Estonian Commissioner Siim Kallas, responsible for administrative affairs, audit and anti-Fraud.

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