Sixth EU Framework
Programme - Priority 7

Inauguration Workshop

The project has started; three years of intensive work are going to follow. The four days workshop at the Erich-Brost-Institute for International Journalism is only the prelude of a research phase, in which scientists are going to deal with the question: How do the mass media report in European countries on the European Union?

Researchers and guest speakers at the workshop

"This is a very strong project, it is unique in its goals and potentials, and it is extraordinary in its membership and structure", Gerd Kopper, Head of the Erich-Brost-Institute, explained in front of the audience. Indeed it is extraordinary referring to its participants, because among them are researchers from eleven European countries who cooperate intensively for this period of time. The common goal: To put European democracy across to its citizens and thereby to give them an understanding of it. The project is coordinated by the Erich-Brost-Institute at Dortmund University and is financed by the sixth research framework programme of the EU.

Researchers in the fields of journalism, politics, and media as well as sociologists from the old and new EU member states take part in this project "Adequate Information Management in Europe", briefly called AIM. Their task is to analyze under which conditions the media of different countries report on the EU or not. In addition the researchers are interested in the information strategies of European Institutions and the work of correspondents in Brussels.